Album Cover
Lions Don't Cry
Released: Jul 23, 2009
Label: Self Released
Track Listing
1 Cemetery Dance
2 Breakneck Speed
3 Everybody's Changin' (But You)
4 Back To the Country
5 Roger McFadden's Denger Society
6 Ordinary Things
7 Too Little, Too Late
8 Green Grass & Slower Footsteps
9 Fire Eyes
10 The Broken Waltz

Liner Notes

Hammertorch is:

Tyler Coppage - Drums; Steve Daly - Guitar, Pedal Steel; Jared Forrester - Bass, Vocals; Jason Harding - Keys; Jason Yeary - Vocals, Guitar

Recorded by Jesse Newport at Club Roar & Coat of Arms in Nashville, TN

Additional Recording, Mixing by Jared Forrester & Jason Yeary at Atlas Studio in Murfreesboro, TN

Mastered by Jeremy Ferguson at Battle Tapes in Nashville, TN

Copyright Hammertorch 2009.  All Rights Reserved. 



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Hammertorch: Lions Don't Cry
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