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The show lineup is Shoot The Mountain, Hammertorch, and How I Became the Bomb, and there will also be Yazoo and New Belgium beers! (The beer part is a big deal because normally this space is alcohol-free because it's an all-ages ...
Rock the Block at Exit/In
Hammertorch have always been one of best bands in town, but you were too busy gargling the butt-juice of some soft-rock bullshit band to notice. You should listen to us when we say things -- we spend a lot of time thinking about this sorta thing while you're busy tonguing the taint of Pitchfork Media. [Read More...]
On Our Radar: Hammertorch - Lions Don't Cry
"It makes you stop and say, there is something magically deep to this fun music... " [Read More...]
Hammertorch: Lions Don't Cry
"Hammertorch...has infused that heartfelt, country born, rock’n and roll’n with a contemporary pop awareness that leaves listeners warm with the comforts of traditional country-rock and deep-fried in a vat of tastefully restrained guitar work. "
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Hammertorch CD Release
"Lions Don’t Cry, is much, much smarter than the vast majority of country-tinged rock ’n’ roll you’re likely to come across, and it’s played by a set of guys probably skillful enough to have careers on Music Row. " [Read More...]
Our Critics Picks
"Hammertorch may be the last great band to emerge from Murfreesboro’s waning rock revival. Their live show is a rowdy, rockin’ affair—halfway between house party and honky-tonk..."
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